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20 December 1998   
Oil-for-Food Background Information


Statement by Benon V. Sevan
United Nations Security Coordinator

and Executive Director of the Iraq Programme

Arrangements are being made for the return of the United Nations staff temporarily relocated to Amman on 18 December with a view to them being back in Baghdad by Tuesday.

I have also requested the immediate return of the independent inspection agents (Lloyds Register) who withdrew from their posts at Al-Walid, Trebil and Umm Qasr on Tuesday 15 December.

There is a backlog of more than one hundred trucks carrying humanitarian supplies at the land border points of Al Walid and Trebil. The cargoes include wheat, medicines, oil spare parts, milk powder and detergent. At Umm Qasr one ship is unloading grain and another is waiting outside the port for the independent inspection agents to resume duty.

The oil monitors (Saybolts) have remained on duty and report that there has been no interruption to the export of Iraqi oil through Ceyhan or from the loading platform at Mina Al-Bakr.

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