Tag 008 positions used in voting records:
Contains fixed-length data elements.

In voting records, attention should be paid to positions 00-05 and positions 06-10 within tag 008:

Position 00-05:

Date of record creation.
Computer generated in the pattern «YYMMDD».



In voting record workforms, the date should be manually changed to the date of the record creation. Usually it is done before any voting records are created. Follow the guidelines below:

    1. In Cataloguing Module of Horizon: open Workform > choose the workform you will be using to create a voting record (Vote-S, Vote-GA or Vote-A > Edit
    2. Update the following tags:
      008 - change date in positions 00-05 to current date in the pattern «YYYYMMDD»;
      999 - change date in the pattern «YYYYMMDD».

For example - if the current date is 24 March 2004 - then the change will be as follows:

008 040119
[tag 008 on the workform]
008 040324
[updated tag 008 on the workform]

999 $a mdv20040119 $b 20040119 $c v
[tag 999 on the workform]
999 $a mdv20040324 $b 20040324 $c v
[updated tag 999 on the workform]

    3. Save changes.
    4. Close window.

Position 06:
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Publication status.
One-letter code indicating the type of date.
In voting records of adopted UN resolutions, the publication status is always s.

Positions 07-10:
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In voting records of adopted UN resolutions, the beginning date of publication should always be the year of the session when the resolution was adopted.


008 2000
[appears on the workform]
008 2002
191 $a S/RES/1433(2002)
[Security Council resolution adopted in 2002]

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