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This is a required field for SRs, PVs and resolutions.

The Action Date is recorded on bibliographic records for adopted UN resolutions and decisions.

The date of adoption of the resolution or decision is entered in 992 subfield $a in a coded form «YYYYMMDD».

A note about voting action on the resolution is recorded in field 996.


191 $a A/RES/57/307
992 $a 20030415
996 $a Adopted without vote, 83rd plenary meeting
[General Assembly resolution adopted on 15 April 2003]

191 $a E/DEC/2003/202
992 $a 20030128
996 $a Adopted, 2nd plenary meeting
[Economic and Social Council decision adopted without vote]

191 $a A/DEC/59/501
992 $a 20040914, 20041004
996 $a Adopted, 1st and 18th plenary meetings
[Analytic record of GA decision included in GAOR, 59th sess., Suppl. no. 49, with multiple dates and meetings]

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