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A note about voting action on an adopted UN resolution or decision is recorded in field 996 subfield $a. The note is recorded in standardized form as shown in the examples below. The date of adoption is recorded in field 992, not in field 996.


191 $a E/CN.4/RES/2002/1
992 $a 20020405
996 $a Adopted, 28th meeting
[Commission on Human Rights resolution adopted with a vote]

191 $a A/RES/57/307
992 $a 20030415
996 $a Adopted without vote, 83rd plenary meeting
[General Assembly resolution adopted without a vote. Also to be used when resolution is adopted “by acclamation”]

191 $a S/RES/1411(2002)
992 $a 20020517
996 $a Adopted unanimously, 4535th meeting
[Security Council resolution adopted unanimously]

191 $a A/RES/57/222
992 $a 20021218
996 $a Adopted 122-55-1, 77th plenary meeting
[General Assembly resolution adopted with 122 votes in favour, 55 votes against and 1 abstension]

191 $a E/RES/2002/39
992 $a 20021025
996 $a Adopted without vote, 44th plenary meeting
[ECOSOC resolution adopted without a vote]

191 $a S/RES/1454(2002)
992 $a 20021230
996 $a Adopted 13-0-2, 4683rd meeting
[Security Council resolution adopted with 13 votes in favour, none against and 2 abstensions]

191 $a A/DEC/59/501
992 $a 20040914, 20041004
996 $a Adopted, 1st and 18th plenary meetings
[Analytic record of GA decision included in GAOR, 59th sess., Suppl. no. 49, with multiple dates and meetings]

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