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Organisations, businesses, multi-stakeholder partnerships and platforms can become a Participant in the Zero Hunger Challenge by making a commitment to take action that will have a demonstrable, quantifiable impact. Such a commitment should be specific, measurable, and time bound; it can be a commitment to implement a certain action, programme or policy (outward), or one of organisational transformation (inward).

If your NGO, civil society organization, or other group would like to join the Zero Hunger Challenge as a Participant, we''ll have our new commitment process online soon.

In the meanwhile, please contact us for more information!

If your business would like to become an official Zero Hunger Challenge Participant, you can learn more and sign up through our partnership with the UN Global Compact.

Become a Zero Hunger Challenge Champion!

All entities that demonstrate progress as Participants, will have the opportunity to reach the top tier of engagement and be recognised as Champions. All Participants are encouraged to actively aspire and work towards this level.

Zero Hunger Champions are those forward-looking civil-society organizations, businesses, multi-stakeholder partnerships, platforms and other entities, which have not only committed to work towards the achievement of all elements of the Zero Hunger Challenge, but have undertaken innovative, visionary measures for transformative change at an organizational level.

Champions aim for complete organizational transformation, by working towards long term sustainability to deliver on the potential of the 2030 Agenda for their shareholders, stakeholders, people and planet and demonstrating accountability and transparency.

To learn more, please contact us.

Become a Zero Hunger Challenge Supporter!


  • I am actively working to end hunger, eliminate all forms of malnutrition, and build inclusive and sustainable food systems;
  • I support all elements of the Zero Hunger Challenge, and its Vision, Mission and Principles, particularly to enable all people to realize their right to adequate nutritious food;
  • I will be an advocate for actions and policies that will achieve Zero Hunger and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • I will encourage others to join in my activities and to take the Challenge;
  • I commit to partnering for nourishing our people, nurturing our planet, growing prosperity and harvesting peace;
  • I will hold myself accountable to deliver on my promise.

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