Take Food Waste Off the Menu

Advocate: Feedback

Feedback is an environmental organization dedicated to ending food waste at every level and guided by the simple premise that each and every member of society has the power to solve this problem. From field to farm to factory to market to home, each stage of the food cycle represents a chance to make better choices on how food is used and valued.

As part of their campaigns to raise public awareness and catalyse change at the government, business, and civic level, Feedback's “Join the Movement” pledge encourages citizens to vow both for personal responsibility and also to prevail on the food industry (including supermarkets, manufacturers and major food retailers) to Take #FoodWaste #OffTheMenu.

In formulating asks into a menu of different courses for change, they are packaging important next steps in a way that acknowledges the cross-sector nature of cooperation required to put an end to food waste – all that is required to take #FoodWaste #OffTheMenu. Specifically, by advocating that supermarkets and food manufacturers voluntarily adopt date labeling standardizations among themselves ("Properly Wrapped Dates"); sell ugly and fruit vegetables and stop farm-level waste by streamlining forecasting, order management, and preventing produce dumping ("Ugly Vegetables with a Reduction of Farm Level Waste"); measure to manage their food waste (“Transparency Casserole”); and that they make all unsold, surplus, fit-for-consumption food available to organisations that can feed people rather than landfills (“Just Desserts”).

Learn more and sign the pledge here.