31 Dec, 2015

Check out Voices of Youth! UNICEF’s online place for young people.

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From UNICEF: Voices of Youth offers inspiring, original insight and opinion from across the globe – from young people, for young people. Did you ever ask yourself, where are all the young people who actually do give a damn? Well, they’re right here. Some examples below: https://twitter.com/voicesofyouth/status/677869740744826880 https://twitter.com/voicesofyouth/status/670283553922527232 Countering disheartening headlines about today’s young generation,

30 Jun, 2015

Voices of Youth Feature: Invisible Wounds

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By Bhavana Neurons.... We are wired to think, react, imagine, focus and remember. Memories are tricky, you can repress them for years but at the sight of a black mosaic tile they are back. Like it was only yesterday. Your heart beating frantically, sweat lining your eyebrows, neurons. She was late. Her watch stopped at

29 Jun, 2015

Voices of Youth Feature: A Narrative of a South African Graduate

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By Itumeleng Mphure My day has finally come! As I shop for the perfect dress I cannot help but feel like I am on top of the world. The four years of sleepless nights spent studying and living on coffee and energy drinks are finally paying off. I am finally graduating with my Bachelor’s degree.

25 Jun, 2015

Voices of Youth Feature: An Eighth of a Story

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By Pia Fleig I am a European. I have received a very good education, I have succeeded in my A-levels, I can go to any University I want and study more than a human mind can imagine. And yet, I feel like I know so little of reality. As much as my school tried to

2 Mar, 2015

Voices Of Youth Blogging Internship call for applications

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Are you between the ages of 14 and 24? Do you care about social, cultural, political and economic issues? Are you interested in improving your blogging and digital media skills? Applications for the Vices Of Youth blogging internship 2015 are now open! This is your chance to apply for a 4 months blogging internship with