12 Apr, 2016

African Universities See Wealth in Waste

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From UNEP By 2050, a whopping 1.33 billion people will inhabit African cities - almost 900 million more than today. Africa's pace of urbanization is the fastest in the world, which means that, in 20 years, half of the continent's population will be city dwellers. And with great numbers of people comes an enormous amount

17 Mar, 2016

IMAX Launches “Big Picture” Initiative Partners With Un Environment Programme To Amplify Action On The Environment

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From UNEP   IMAX Corp. (NYSE: IMAX) today launched an ambitious corporate social responsibility initiative, "Big Picture," as an extension of its core mission to educate, entertain and inspire movie audiences globally. The wide-ranging campaign (#IMAXBigPicture) will leverage the power of film to promote awareness of and appreciation for the "big picture," the understanding that the

12 Mar, 2015

SEED Awards! Promoting entrepreneurship for sustainable development

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Is your enterprise in a start-up phase and does it integrate social and  environmental benefits, solving pressing local issues? Is it women-led? Do you need support to help to establish and grow your enterprise? The SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development is an annual awards scheme designed to find the most promising, innovative and

28 Aug, 2014

Students in Asia-Pacific Challenged on Sustainability

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The South Asian Youth Environment Network (SAYEN) has launched a competition for college students to increase sustainability on their campuses and raise awareness of the community Handprint.  The Centre for Environment Education developed the Handprint tool to help measure the impacts of positive action on three aspects of action towards sustainability; environment, society and the […]

3 Sep, 2013

North America: What Youth are Doing for the Environment

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Application-Historical GIS Data to Reduce Erosion, United States of America The purpose of our project was to design an assessment plan to identify stream way erosion using historical GIS-based (Geographic Information System) geophysical data. Storm water runoff from urban areas affects stream quality; as the population increases, so does the amount of impervious surface area

3 Sep, 2013

Africa: What Youth are doing for the Environment

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Algerian Muslim Scouts * Elmanar *, Algeria Project works to strengthen the spirit of environmental citizenship among students while working to give the successful models in environmental clubs in schools in order to disseminate in all schools of Algeria. Plastics for pillows and teaching tools, Cameroon Plastics littering has been reduced in or nearby our

1 Sep, 2013

West Asia: What Youth are Doing for the Environment

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Bring the rubbish get the gift, Iraq Students were not aware of throwing rubbish into the bins. Unfortunately they had the behaviour of dumping the waste out of, especially around, the rubbish bins. We think that being gained a good habit to our children is not easy because of that, in this project one of

31 Aug, 2013

Asia and the Pacific: What Youth are Doing for the Environment

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Cakau Bula - Our Living Reef - Our heritage, Fiji Kia Island is situated on the Great Sea Reef in Fiji; the third largest barrier reef system in the world. Increasing fishing pressure is damaging the marine ecosystem and resulting in lower catch, which has serious implications for the community’s livelihoods. The Reef Ranger's programme, which

29 Aug, 2013

Europe: What Youth are Doing for the Environment

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Californian worms, Macedonia The production of healthy food requires great amount of organic fertilizer,which with the current development of the stock-breeding and the needs for vegetal production’s impossible to supply. On the other hand,faced with the enormous amount of organic waste(for example the tree leaves,which desolve in the parks)we asked ourselves ”can these potencial polluters