26 Apr, 2016

Alhendawi at UNAOC Global Forum in Baku: Young people want to craft new “narrative” for society

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From UN Radio The Somali terrorist group Al-Shabaab takes its name from the Arabic word for "youth," but young people there have been urged to reclaim the word by a UN official who also happens to be one of their peers. UN Youth Envoy Ahmad Alhendawi says this is just one way young people can

29 Feb, 2016

UN Radio: Refugee crisis needs young people to “make a difference”

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From UN Radio  Check out this UN Radio discussion below on the potential of young people during a humanitarian crisis: Young people will be the ones to "make a difference" in humanitarian crises if they can demonstrate motivation and dedication. That's according to an activist who spoke at a briefing on the global

29 Oct, 2014

Youth policies part of future “development” efforts

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Policies which focus on the needs of the world's growing population of young people are an important part of future development efforts, according to an expert on youth issues. A global forum has opened in Baku, Azerbaijan, on Tuesday to take stock of what has been done and what needs to be done to progress

29 Oct, 2014

U.S. delegate to Youth Forum hopes to form ties with other global youth

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Forming ties and networking with young people around the world is what a United States delegate hopes to get out of the first ever Global Youth Forum which opened in Baku, Azerbaijan on Tuesday. Youth representatives, government ministers and experts are discussing policies to address the needs of young people many of whom face challenges

29 Oct, 2014

Youth Envoy Interview with UN Radio on First Global Youth Forum in Azerbaijan

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A global meeting in Azerbaijan is expected to generate what has been described as a "new push" for government to adopt youth-friendly policies around the world. About 700 youth delegates from around the world are gathering in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan for the first ever Global Youth Forum on Youth Policies from 28 to