23 Feb, 2016

FAO Report: Supporting rural youth entrepreneurship to reduce migration in Honduras

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From FAO  In case you missed it, learn about the work that FAO is doing for youth in Honduras through this report on decent employment opportunities for rural youth: Country: Honduras; Americas Abstract: In Honduras, rural youth face considerable challenges in accessing productive and decent employment opportunities. Consequently, many young people have sought opportunities elsewhere. In 2010, the

25 Nov, 2013

Least Developed Countries report calls for prioritisation of job creation

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Released last week, the Least Developed Countries Report highlights the need for greater focus on employment. According to Mr Igor Paunovic, co-author of the report and Economic Affairs Officer at the LDC Section at UNCTAD, the LDCs youth population is projected to increase in LDCs from 168 million in 2010 to 300 million by 2050, when as many as […]

29 Aug, 2013

UN-Habitat releases two landmark reports on women and youth

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UN-Habitat released on Wednesday two landmark reports on women and youth which reveal that cities must resolve the issues affecting the two segments of society. State of Women in Cities Report says that equitable, inclusive and prosperous cities need to harness the full potential of all citizens – men, women, and the youth.  This is