Mariama Djambony Badji (she/her) is co-founder and CEO of DNA SARL, a construction company that offers living environments using natural and local materials. As a civil engineer and passionate about the environment, she’s currently working on the construction of safe, comfortable and eco-friendly housing.

Since 2015, she has been volunteering with Africa Feliz Senegal, a non-profit association that aims to fight against poverty and irregular emigration through skills training for young people and women. They organize training in remote areas in Senegal to promote the empowerment of girls and women. In 2019, Mariama and her team trained 204 young people in Solar Installations, Serigraphy, Industrial welding and painting.

Two years ago, she supervised the construction of a brand-new building entirely made with earth bricks at Polytechnic School of Dakar, the biggest polytechnic school of Senegal. Recently, she joined Let’s Build My School which builds classrooms in remote areas of the country using materials with a low environmental footprint such as earth or bamboo. And she firmly believes that environmental preservation will only be achieved through the commitment of everyone.