Loay Radwan has always been a devout believer that people should be there for each other –  this is why he has built himself up to be a pillar of support for everyone around him. At a young age, Loay started noticing the various environmental issues that were present in his community. He thus decided to dedicate his life to taking action and changing this world into a better place. For this purpose, he chose to follow a career in Environmental Engineering, which allowed him to start his journey of activism, winning various competitions along the way. This led him to represent the Egyptian and African youth at the Youth Climate Action Summit last year and gave him the chance to speak to the world leaders about the climate crisis. 

Currently, Loay is co-founding a startup named G-Beetle, which aims to help farmers adapt with the aftermath of climate change and save water. His main motive is to provide people with a better quality of life and help make a change towards a prospering Earth. Loay aspires to become a renowned entrepreneur and dedicate his career towards solving environmental challenges.