Faranisese Ratu is the founder and President for Youths Against Corruption in Fiji. She has worked for a number of NGOs and media and has also written articles on regionalism highlighting human rights violations in West Papua and economic development in Fiji. Apart from working, she has volunteered her time to different organizations because she believes in working together for a sustainable and good future for the youths of Fiji. She is passionate about good governance, quality education for all, alleviating poverty, peace and security, land rights, indigenous rights, accessibility to good water and quality food, medical, and all people basically having access to a good quality full life.

In 2018, she enrolled at the state university to do her Bachelor in Law and just recently won the central division debate along with her team.  This August, she was elected by her peers to be the Vice President for the Law Students Association in her first year. In 2014, driven by the flooding in the Solomon Islands, she founded the Mannah Foundation which was a platform used to donate clothes, household items and water sanitizers to flood-affected communities. People from all over Fiji donated through this platform. She is driven and believes in peace-building and collaborating with all entities for a better future for all people.

Her work with YAC-Fiji has also extended to youths from the Pacific who have also taken part in YAC-Fiji’s e-activism campaigns such as Tonga, Samoa, Tuvalu, PNG, Solomon Islands, and Palau. She is also an alumnus of the DTP program – an independent NGO affiliated with the University of New South Wales. She believes in gender equality, the spirit of volunteerism and has collaborated with government entities, NGOs, military, other youth groups and even the regional university on the advocacy of good governance and accountability.