Ezequiel has been an entrepreneur since he was 16 years old. He is an innovator, creator and visionary and holds a degree in International Business. He founded two other business before Piipee. With Piipee he has had international exposition and has participated in, and won some very important national and international awards and recognition.

Every 24 hours more than 10 Billion flushes are pressed. More than 60 Billion litres of clean water is used in these flushes. In the same time, more than $ 350 million are paid in water bills only for flushes. According to the toilet manufacturers, about 80% of the water consumption of a toilet is to eliminate urine. Piipee’s purpose is to save the planet’s water while reducing your costs.

Currently, Piipee has more than 400 clients in Brazil, B2B nationals and multinationals companies, and has already made sales to Mexico and Mozambique. The company has received several awards, including a patent recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization as one of the best solutions for climate change. In partnership with French INPI, the WIPO invited him and his team to the COP21 in 2015. Further, Piipee was one of the 10 Winners of Accelerate 2030, and Winner of Sustainable Brands Innovation Open at Rio de Janeiro, among other things.