Emma Camp, PhD is a Research Associate at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), a National Geographic Explorer and the 2018 recipient of the British Ecological Societies Aquatic group Early Career Researcher Award. Camp researches and advocates for the world’s coral reefs and marine life under threat from environmental and climate change. An ocean explorer, Camp has discovered natural populations of super tolerant corals, which she is researching to better understand how corals may survive into the future. Prior to her position at UTS Camp was awarded an Endeavour Research Fellowship from the Australian Government.

Alongside her research, Camp is an ambassador for the international non-for-profit IBEX Earth, who look to instigate long-term, sustainable change for our planet. Camp is passionate about communicating her research to engage society to become part of the solutions required to ensure a perpetual Earth. She is actively involved in school outreach programmes, writing popular media scientific articles, and has been involved in several international working groups aimed at increasing conservation of marine environments and the ecosystem services they provide.