30 Oct, 2020

Joint Statement on Recent Violent Escalations During Youth-led Protests Around the World

      30 October 2020 In the past few months, the world has witnessed an upsurge in protests against systemic inequality as well as racial and gender-based violence. Widespread violations of human rights, including limited freedoms and systematic exclusion in political decision-making processes have fuelled feelings of frustration and mistrust among young people who

23 Oct, 2020

The Future We Want, The UN We Need

By: Pablo Emiliano Reyes Galindo  I am a different person than three months ago when the pandemic started. I guess no one though a tiny virus could change all the socio-economic structures of society, and yet, here we are, presented with a “new normal”. In my country, Mexico, the effects were belated, but now we

23 Oct, 2020

#LeadTheNewNormal Essay

By: Jennifer Griggs The last few months have seen devastation on an unprecedented scale due to the COVID-19 crisis: over 500,000 lives have been lost, and even more livelihoods crippled. But perversely, that which takes away also gives. On a practical level, the need for unprecedented economic stimulus gives us the chance to throw away