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1 Apr, 2020

Meet 10 leaders who can inspire you to change the world

By now, most people alive know that the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has infected nearly every continent, forced countries into states of emergency, sent individuals into varying levels of quarantine and isolation, and shuttered businesses and schools. But there’s a lesser-known story that also deserves attention: of youth rising up to meet the challenge of this

1 Apr, 2020

#CopingWithCOVID: A webinar series on young people and mental health

Following the World Health Organisation’s classification of COVID-19 as pandemic, Governments all around the world have started to respond by enforcing measures such as social-distancing, quarantine and isolation. While necessary, these measures can have a significant effect on young people’s mental health. Fear, anxiety, anger, sadness and grief are compounded by being away from schools,