Thematic Reviews

During the first week of the HLPF, SDGs 6, 7, 11, 12, 15 and 17 were under review and young people from around the world engaged in the Forum, sharing their insights, concerns and demands in official sessions and side-events.

Below are some of the highlights on the construction of sustainable and resilient societies:


UN MGCY/ Katsuhito Okubo

“We recommend integrating cross-cutting perspectives on social, economic, and environmental issues into urban policy making processes that ensure youth can play an active and meaningful role in the development of their communities”

-Giuseppe Pronesti on behalf of the Major Group for Children and Youth.

“We already have the means to combat the world’s most pressing issues and we can not wait any longer to take action. We should build on and invest in our natural systems that have been providing us with life and opportunity since our first people – intact, resilient land ecosystems. One trillion trees is just one road of many.”

-Chiagozie Udeh, Plant-for-the-planet Foundation, on behalf of the Major Group for Children and Youth

In the thematic reviews sessions, young people are available to intervene via the Major Group for Children and Youth; and you can read their statements here.