Statement attributable to the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, Ahmad Alhendawi

I congratulate the Colombian people on the signing by the Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People”s Army (FARC-EP) of a peace deal that ends more than 50 years of conflict. This is a historic moment for the people of Colombia. This landmark peace agreement shows that, when all parties are truly committed to reconciliation, peace is possible and conflicts can be eradicated.

As I join the people of Colombia and the international community in celebrating this remarkable achievement, I want to acknowledge the crucial role played by young peacebuilders in making this day a reality. Despite witnessing over half a century of conflict and tragic violence, Colombia’s youth have never lost their hope in reconciliation. Their determination to build a country at peace where they could prosper and build a nonviolent future has enabled Colombians from all sides to come together at the peace table. Therefore, it is also thanks to young Colombians’ vision and commitment to peace that we are witnessing this extraordinary day.

Now, as the people of Colombia prepare to begin a new, peaceful chapter in the history of their country, I want to reiterate the crucial role that young Colombians will play in putting this historic agreement into practice.