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Call for Proposals: consulting young and vulnerable adolescents towards the development of the global AA-HA! Framework (Accelerated Action for the Health of Adolescents)


At its 68th session, the World Health Assembly endorsed the proposal of the Secretariat to develop an Accelerated Action for the Health of Adolescents (AA-HA!) Framework, in consultation with
Member States, adolescents and young people, other UN organizations and other stakeholders.

To build on the significant contribution of the United Nations in making adolescent health a critical priority for sustainable development, the AA-HA! Framework will support the implementation of the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health. The overall aim of the Global AAHA! Framework will be to provide countries with a basis for developing a coherent national plan for the health of adolescents, and to align the contribution of all relevant stakeholders in planning, implementing and monitoring a Survive, Thrive and Transform response to the health needs of
adolescents. A working group has been formed to drive this initiative forward, led by the Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health, with representatives from other departments within WHO and UN agencies.



Very young (10-14 y.o.) and vulnerable adolescents are two groups that are normally not reached through WHO online and face-to-face consultations. To ensure that their inputs inform the
Framework, special efforts need to be planned. Very young (10-14 y.o.) and vulnerable adolescents will need more support to understand the background for the AA-HA! Framework and reflect upon
their views and perceptions of health matters, therefore face-to-face workshops led by experienced facilitators is considered an adequate method to consult with these groups. The Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health is therefore seeking to fund workshops to explore and better understand very young and vulnerable adolescents’ views regarding health and policy
actions. A small grant will be made available to eligible NGOs to undertake this project. The results of this consultation project will inform the draft of the AA-HA! Framework that will be discussed in
September 2016 at the meeting of the External Advisory Group.

The AA-HA! Consultation Project

Target Group

• Adolescent girls and boys between 12 and 14 years old from at least 6 countries (at least one
per WHO region)
• Adolescent girls and boys between 15 and 19 years that share a common factor of
vulnerability according to local criteria (e.g. out-of-school, rural adolescents from remote
areas, ethnic minorities, street children, pregnant and parenting adolescents).


Four consultation workshops will be held under one small grant:

• One workshop with 12-14 y.o. boys
• One workshop with 12-14 y.o. girls
• Two workshops with a group in each that has a common criteria of vulnerability according to the local context. For example, it may be that one group consists of only rural adolescents,
while another consists of out-of-school youth as these two groups are considered vulnerable in the particular country setting. Since age may play a role in how adolescents engage in the
workshops, local organizers of these workshops should decide which age group should be targeted (i.e., out of school adolescents between 15-17 years or rural youth between 18-19

The workshops will explore the following themes:
• Adolescents’ ideas and descriptions of actions that need to be undertaken in their school or in their community that will make a huge difference in improving their health and happiness
• Adolescents views and perceptions of abilities (knowledge, skills) they would like to have to stay healthy
• Adolescents views and descriptions of actions they can undertake personally to have better health now or in future

A WHO consultant will support selected NGOs to plan and conduct the workshops to ensure that ethical standards on adolescent participation are met. This will include developing tools1 and training
materials as well as capacity building of workshops’ facilitators. Based on workshops’ data, the consultant will analyse data, write up findings, discuss findings with NGOs and write up the final
report with recommendations for the content of the AA-HA! Framework.


A lump sum up to USD 4’800 will be allocated to the successful bid for conducting four workshops. This includes logistics (recording and transcribing the workshops, transportation, accommodation
and meals, translation of transcripts if necessary, and other costs such as stationary), and facilitators’ fees. Costs incurred for the development of proposals are not subject to reimbursement by WHO.
Proposals that exceed this limit will not be considered.


The workshops should be completed, and data (in the form of transcripts in English) should be sent to the WHO consultant, by 20th July.

Ethics and Child Safeguarding

All workshops should follow the highest ethical guidelines for adolescents’ involvement and participation. Ethical procedures such as participant’s identification, permission for participation
from parents/guardians, informed assent/consent from adolescent participants, confidentiality and anonymity should be outlined in the application. The organisation should have or be committed to
adhere to a child safeguarding policy.

Application Process

Interested applicants are invited to submit a concept paper (maximum 4 pages) to by 20 May 2016. The application should include:
1. Project outline: The proposed project including location for the workshops, sample participants, methods for identifying individuals, ethical procedures including the permission of
parents/guardians of minor adolescents, strategies for ensuring local ownership (e.g. school principal if participants will be identified, and workshops held, in school premises).

2. Applicant qualifications: A summary of the organisation’s experience of conducting workshops and focus group discussions with adolescents and preferably very young adolescents, identifying and
involving in health related matters vulnerable groups of adolescents. The proposal should also include team CVs and a summary of team qualifications and experience, knowledge of the content
area, and an ability to conduct activities/workshops in the proposed locations

3. Budget and resources: a budget breakdown by following categories: Transportation, Meals and accommodation, Interpretation (if required), Facilitators fees, Other expenses.

Selection Considerations
A selection committee will review the concept papers. The selection committee will consider:
• Qualifications and experience
• Demonstrated commitment to ethical values in adolescent participation
• Geographical representation (at least one country per each of WHO region will be selected)

Deadline for application

We will consider only applications sent by 20th May. Please send your proposal to Valentina Baltag (

Only shortlisted applicants will be informed by end May.

Source: Call for proposals_AA-HA!