Today Meets Tomorrow at Tech Park Georgia

From the World Bank

 The World Bank has been supporting Georgia’s government and private sector to advance innovation-led growth of key economic sectors since 2013. These policy advice, knowledge transfer, and capacity building efforts led to the creation of Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA).

Now, it looks to partner in driving competitiveness and ensuring longer-term sustainable growth and jobs creation. A new Georgia National Innovation Ecosystem (GENIE) Project will complement recent and ongoing World Bank Group activities. In the meantime, we would like to share a story of an important initiative supported by GITA.

This is Georgia’s Tech Park, where today meets tomorrow: hosting innovation, creativity, communication, teamwork and new business ideas – to name just a few…


The opening of the venue in January 2016 was attended by a number of high officials, and robot greeters as well. The building unites small incubators, training centers, laboratories equipped with super modern machines, a library, show-rooms of world-famous tech-companies, and an office area.


Established by GITA, and located in the outskirts of Tbilisi, this space is dedicated to hosting a healthy ecosystem of innovation and technology, attracting foreign investment, and supporting Georgian talent to reach worldwide success.


The Tech Park offers a wide range of learning possibilities: PHP, Python, Java, Android, Front end, iOS, Project Management, UX/Design. Age is not a constraint. Here you can meet an eight-year old programming a LEGO robot, or an elderly professor sharing expertise with young people.


Encouraging so-called ‘future professions’ aims at creating new jobs and opportunities in the country.


The exhibition-sales of the products created by the start-ups sheltered under a wing of the Tech Park have already demonstrated success.


The World Bank continues to support Georgia’s efforts in developing an innovation-driven and knowledge-based economy. The new project will be discussed by the Board of Executive Directors on Friday, March 18. Good luck, Georgia!

Photos courtesy of the Tech Park Georgia


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