UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has invited Heads of State and Government to come to New York on 22 April to sign the historic Paris Climate Change Agreement clinched last year. Under the agreement, 195 nations have agreed to combat climate change and to unleash actions and investment towards a low carbon, resilient and sustainable future.

The Paris Agreement can only be successful if everyone fully supports it and helps bring it to life – from national, regional and local leaders; from investors and businesses to citizens who desire to live in a safe and prosperous world, and who want to actively shape that world.

Ahead of the signing event, you can say what the agreement means for you and what you are going to do to support it in a short, maximum 30-second video you record on your smartphone, pad, notebook or desktop device and post to social media. You can record and post the video between now and 28 February. Keep in mind that the recording doesn’t have to be fancy – it just has to have a powerful and compelling message!

Some of the questions you can touch on in your message are:

  • How concerned are you about climate change?
  • What are your hopes and aspirations for a better future now that we have the Paris Agreement?
  • How do you think your country, city, firm or organization can contribute?
  • What are you personally ready to do now to make the Paris Agreement work?


Once you have recorded your video, please post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtags #ParisAgreement and #Means4Me. You can build sentences such as: The #ParisAgreement #Means4Me more secure jobs. Check out my video!” or “The #ParisAgreement #Means4Me: a safer world. See what I have to say” to use as short texts to post together with your video.

If you are posting to Instagram with a message, keep in mind that the maximum length is 15 seconds. And remember to include the right hashtags.

At the end of your video, can also ask someone you know to make a similar recording, or include that call in your text message (think ice bucket challenge!).

We’ll share the best ones via our social media channels and compile a collection of the best short videos in our Newsroom.

If you’d like to help promote the campaign,  we have a full set of digital assets in English, French, Spanish and German you can share.

We’re looking forward to seeing your posts! Here’s a video message from the head of the UN Climate Convention, Christiana Figueres, in which she says the Paris Agreement is about safeguarding the future of her two daughters and of every young person today.