After beaming virtual trees onto the Eiffel Tower during the UN climate change conference in Paris last year, 1 Heart 1 Tree plans to embark on a global tour to transform some of the world’s most iconic monuments into forests of light.

The global project, which is supported by the French Presidency of COP21, the City of Paris, the UN Climate Convention and UNESCO, gives people the opportunity to ‘plant’ a virtual tree via a smartphone app.

Through cutting-edge technology and video-mapping techniques, each personalized tree will be projected on a world monument with the person’s name or positive message.

Each tree will have tangible impact: for every virtual tree, a real tree will be planted in one of the initiative’s reforestation programs on five continents. So far, 55,000 trees have been planted, with people participating from 135 countries.

The brainchild of Paris-based artist Naziha Mestaoui, the heart of the project is to reconnect us to nature through technology.

Ms. Mestaoui explained she created 1 Heart 1 Tree as a way to change the way people think about nature in a collective and collaborative way.

“We all have the possibility to be part of our future and the solution,” she said. “The Paris Agreement was a turning point in history. It really is the beginning of an international movement. Citizens all over the world can feel engaged for our collective future.”

Ms. Mestaoui plans to bring 1 Heart 1 Tree to monuments in several cities this year, including New York, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul and San Francisco.

The 1 Heart 1 Tree app is available on Google Play and the AppStore, for Android and Apple.

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