UN-Habitat Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards has walked  into Inno Way in Zhongguancun, China’s silicon valley, to promote the Chinese version of the submission entry of the Awards and conduct a two-day exchange with many innovators and entrepreneurs.

As required by Chinese young innovators and entrepreneurs, UN-Habitat Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards launched the Chinese version of the submission entry of the Awards in early August. Chinese applicants can log on the submission webpage to check out the application guidelines and apply for the Awards in Chinese. Click here for the Chinese Version submission entry.

Inno Way now becomes a talent pool of Chinese innovators and entrepreneurs. During the two-day promotion, information, dissemination and on-site interaction, many innovators and entrepreneurs were attracted. Chinese star Jing Boran also promoted this activity on internet and hoped to employ his social influence to inspire more Chinese youth to go to the international platform with their dream.

Jing Boran

Chinese actor Jing Boran who promoted the launch of the award

UN-Habitat Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards is a global competition for youth on innovation and entrepreneurship, initiated by UN-Habitat and International Ecological Safety Collaborative Organization (IESCO), and solely endorsed by CDO. It provides a carrier and platform for young entrepreneurs and other youth to share and learn from each other.

  1. The Awards has the following sub-categories:
  2. Youth Leadership.
  3. Green Inventions and Innovations.
  4. Urban Ecological Safety.
  5. Youth Entrepreneurship.
  6. Social and Cultural Innovations.

Every sub-category will have two winners, each of whom will receive a prize grant of 20,000 USD, and a certificate, and a trophy from UN-Habitat and IESCO. The deadline is August 31, 2015. Now the voting has entered into the final phase and the submission is about to be closed. The review committee and expert panel in all fields from all around the world will soon start reviewing the submission materials.

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