Join us in UN Headquarters on 12 August 2015 to commemorate International Youth Day under the theme Youth Civic Engagement.

About the Youth Day Event:

The event, which will consist of two inter-active panels, will showcase inspiring ways in which young people engage in civic, political and social spheres and will explore how the issue of youth civic engagement is an enabler for an enhanced and inclusive participation of young women and men in decision-making and public life. The event will bring together young people, youth organizations, Member State representatives, civil society, media and United Nations entities to discuss the issue of youth civic engagement in particular looking at new and emerging issues and approaches to social and political engagement in different parts of the world.

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Important Registration Information:

Deadline for registration is strictly 4 August 2015, 12:00 EST. Send your registration here

The Event is free and open to the public, young people and representatives from youth organizations are encouraged to attend.

Please note, the UN cannot sponsor the transportation or other costs related to participation at the event. All costs associated with attending must be borne by the individual. The UN will not support obtaining visas or facilitate participation of international guests that require travel documents.  

Please do not email us asking about the status of your application. You will be notified by early-August on the outcome of your registration. 

The event is co-organized by UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) and UN Development Programme (UNDP) with the support of the UN Inter-agency Network on Youth Develelopment

Note: This application does NOT confirm attendance to the event.  If you are confirmed to attend the event, you will receive a follow up email confirming your participation with additional information, including how to enter the UN building, what form of ID to bring, and additional logistical information. This application form does NOT guarentee your participation.