We are all partners working toward the same goal: to end all preventable deaths of women, children and adolescents and improve their health & well-being within a generation.

“Every Woman Every Child is ME” is the belief that we are all united as individuals around our cause and that the health of women, children and adolescents affects us all.

From health workers to CEOs, how we champion Every Woman Every Child commitments may be different; but our actions contribute to the same vision. We stand at a unique moment in time to take unprecedented action. The world is reducing the deaths of women and children faster than at any time in history. In particular, deaths of women during pregnancy and childbirth have been cut by almost half since 1990.

Every Woman Every Child has been the fastest growing public health partnership in history with $34 billion disbursed on women and children’s health since 2010. Now, we have the opportunity to end all preventable deaths by 2030.


1. Starting today, follow the hashtag #EWECisME. There you will see an ongoing conversation from events in NYC, including live tweets from @UnfEWEC.

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