This week, the Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth, Mr. Ahmad Alhendawi visited Israel on an official mission to meet with youth and shed light on youth development challenges and opportunities.

During his first official visit to Israel, Alhendawi had the chance to meet with young entrepreneurs and learn about the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Israel.

Alhendawi visited several entrepreneurship spaces and innovation centers to meet with youth contributing to the booming entrepreneurship sector in Israel. His visit included a trip to StarTAU Entrepreneurship Center at Tel-Aviv University and a social business of the Dualis Social Investment Fund.

“I am impressed by the innovation and technology being developed by youth in Israel.” said Alhendawi. “Young and inspirational talent can be a key to unlock a brighter future for youth here.”

The Youth Envoy’s visit included a visit with Krembo Wings, a Youth Movement for Children with Special Needs in Tel-Aviv that provides social activities for over 850 youth with cognitive, inter-personal and physical disabilities each week.

“The passion of the young team in Krembo Wings is outstanding. Peace and prosperity can be achieved by the commitment of these youth” noted Alhendawi optimistically. “Peace and social development new innovative approaches and empathy—the young innovators and volunteers I met in Israel embraced these qualities.”