UNESCO – From 24 to 28 November 2014, UNESCO organized an intensive training of trainers, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, for 16 young Mongolians to train them to become youth peer trainers in responsible leadership. The objective was to provide the young participants with the capacities and skills on a variety of topics such as knowing and claiming rights including women’s rights, leadership styles, enhancing communication and non-violent conflict resolution skills, and dealing with adversity. A second batch of youth peers is expected to be trained during spring 2015. All peer trainers will be supported in 2015 to conduct training for other youth in their local communities.

This first training was facilitated by D&T Consultants (a professional training company based in Belgium). It provided a mix of theoretical and pedagogical skills, allowing the youth peers to enhance their facilitation skills in the process of learning. D&T Consultants also developed in collaboration with UNESCO and the Mongolia Education Alliance (MEA) – the local implementing partner – a training Manual for the youth peer trainers. The manual was tested with other youth from Asia and the Pacific at the Asia Pacific Youth Training on Media and Civic Engagement in Bali (Indonesia), from 20 to 25 August 2014.

This project aims to build capacities for the transition of young Mongolians to adulthood. It was elaborated further to needs expressed by the young Mongolians themselves for additional training in leadership and management during consultations and training organized during 2012 and 2013. So as to support this request to enhance youth capacities for their transition to adulthood, and to reinforce the quality of the training program delivered, it was agreed that a training manual would be elaborated addressing issues identified by youth themselves as being important in the Mongolian context – knowledge of human rights, gender equality, leadership and management, non-violent conflict resolution, dealing with adversity, and violence. It was also agreed with Mongolia Education Alliance (MEA) to train youth as peer trainers and then support them to conduct training of their peers in their communities and youth organizations.

A first batch of 16 youths plus staff members of the MEA participated in the five-day Youth Peer Training of Trainers. The youth peers who come from Bulgan, Darkhan, Orkhon, and Selenge Aimags were nominated by the Social Policy Office in the Provincial Government and are members of the Mongolian Youth Federation.  The first batch of youth peer trainers will work in 2015 in groups of two and be supported to conduct training of their peers.

A second batch of 20 Youth Peer Trainers, two each from Arkhangai, Uvurkhangai, Tuv, Khentii, Govisumber, Dundgobi, Dornogobi, Umnugobi, Bayankhongor, and Sukhbaatar Aimags, is expected to be trained during Spring 2015.