Today the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, informally presented an advance unedited version of his synthesis report on the Post-2015 Agenda. The report provides a rallying call to governments to aim high with the new global development goals. It makes it clear that business as usual is not an option, and puts emphasis on the importance of equitable and sustainable development. The report stresses that:

“it should by now be recognized that no society can reach its full potential if whole segments of that society, especially young people, are excluded from participating in, contributing to, and benefiting from development.”

Furthermore, the report emphasises “Today, more than ever, the realities of 1.8 billion youth and adolescents represent a dynamic, informed, and globally connected engine for change. Integrating their needs, rights to choice and their voices in the new agenda, will be a key factor for success.” The official release of the report in all six UN languages is expected by the end of the year. It will be formally presented in early January and is an important contribution to the UN Member States for their negotiations leading up to the September 2015 summit. All in all, we have an historic opportunity and duty to act boldly, vigorously and expeditiously, to turn reality into a life of dignity for all, leaving no one behind.