The Office of the UN Special Envoy for Youth is a proud supporter of the global campaign called #UpForSchool it is a global call to action to demonstrate the unprecedented public support for education and an end to discrimination against children.

As you know, world leaders promised to get every child into school by 2015. But sadly millions of children are forced out of school because of child labour, child marriage and discrimination, and attacks on schools and schoolchildren is on the increase. We also know that millions more children are not receiving a quality education.

As the countdown to the 2015 deadline continues, we have a window of opportunity to raise our voices on education and make sure 58 million marginalised children gain their right to an education. We are asking you to collect signatures for the attached and online #UpForSchool petition.

Sign the petition now!

Together, we can secure millions of signatures and make sure that our voice is heard and that our work to solve this problem is given the credit and attention it deserves. Together, we can raise the profile of the UpForSchool movement and create a message that no world leader can ignore!
You can find out more about the petition and how it will work in the downloadable toolkit and contact Let’s make 2015 the year all children secured the right to go to school and learn! Together we can rise #UpForSchool!!