17 Nov, 2014

Children’s winter needs are greater than ever in Middle East but limited access and funds hamper UNICEF response

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UNICEF - As seasonal cold winds, freezing rain, and frigid temperatures close in on conflict-torn parts of the Middle East, UNICEF and partners have begun the distribution of warm clothes and other winter items to ensure that one million of the most vulnerable children are kept warm and healthy. “After all that they’ve suffered on

17 Nov, 2014

G20 Brisbane: Unemployment has left younger generation struggling

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Chair of the G20'S global youth forum Holly Ransom. Photo: Simon O'Dwyer   ILO - The 24-year-old Australian chair of the G20 youth summit, Holly Ransom, said youth disengagement was a problem afflicting all G20 member countries and one that was, for the first time, threatening new generations with a worse quality of life than