The United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Change Support Team (CCST) and the UN non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS) are currently accepting nominations for 34 representatives of civil society organizations to attend the UN 2014 Climate Summit, with an additional four chosen to speak during the event.

The 2014 Climate Summit, to be held in New York on 23 September, will focus on achieving ambitious and dynamic goals in the campaign against climate change both within society, where innovations on the ground lead the population to a more sustainable future, and through legislation, in the push for a global agreement that by 2015 limits the world to a less than 2-degree Celsius rise in global temperature.

One speaker will be chosen to participate in the Opening of the Summit, who will be a representative of civil society. In order to be chosen the candidate must be a young woman (under 30) from a developing country with a strong background in advocacy, community-based responses to climate change, and communications or public speaking.

In addition, three panelists will participate in the Thematic Debate “Voices from the Climate Frontlines” (organized by UNICEF and UN Women). Candidates must include at least one Indigenous person and at least one person under 30, with two panelists representing a developing country and one representing a developed country.

The deadline for submissions of civil society speaker nominations is Friday 15 August. 

For more information about this opportunity, and to apply, visit the website of the Non-Governmental Liaison Service.

Further information about the Climate Summit is available here.