(UNESCO) 19 May 2014 — Four videos showcase successful initiatives of technical and vocational training project that give youth a better chance to find decent work. The videos focus on innovative projects in Benin, Nigeria and Senegal, which have proven effective in providing youth with skills and competences in demand.

In recent years, the alarming growth of unemployment and underemployment of youth, the development of the informal economy and the low level of productivity constitute a major concern in Africa.

Today, young people represent more than 50% of the population in Africa, and three out of five unemployed are young.

“African countries often have strategies and policies on the importance of technical and vocational education and training for young people, but what is missing are concrete examples of solutions that work,” says Hervé Huot-Marchand of UNESCO’s Regional Office in Dakar.“We need to share good practices of what works and encourage the use of these solutions in other African countries,” he adds.

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