Bring the rubbish get the gift, Iraq

16 (1)Students were not aware of throwing rubbish into the bins. Unfortunately they had the behaviour of dumping the waste out of, especially around, the rubbish bins. We think that being gained a good habit to our children is not easy because of that, in this project one of our aims to present how to keep clean our environment and how to change it into an amusing thing. Students had started to use the project, they started getting the habit of throwing the rubbish into the bin. According to school staff observation, the students started to use the rubbish-bin correctly.

Energy efficient light bulb with normal appearance, Iran

17 (1)In our country, people don’t like to use Energy efficient light bulb because of this shape. We tried to change the appearance of them and design them look like normal bulb to attract people and make them satisfied. We made the Energy efficient light bulb with normal appearance. It is Popular and people like to use it. At the end people can use Energy efficient one instead of high consumption.

United Photocatalysts, Iran

18 (1)Many countries are facing the problem of drinking water shortage. In this project, we are about to degredate Congo red which is a type of toxic dye found in underground water near many industrial lands. . Congo red is Carcinogenic , irritant and causes fetal abnormalities which are all its adverse effects. Due to this toxic pollutant’s problems, we are using a mixture of two heterogeneous photocatalysts named Polyoxometalate and Titanium dioxide to purify the water which is polluted by congored to make more drinking water.