On 16 August 2013, the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth addressed over 1,000 youth gathered in Colombia to discuss the role of young people in peace-building and celebrate the first National Youth Volunteering Award supported by the UNV. Addressing the young participants, on the occasion of Friday of Peacebuilding, Mr Ahmad Alhendawi said “Your generation can make history and bring the long awaited peace in Colombia,” and asked them to support the peace process and to promote the peace culture among their peers. Mr. Alhendawi also took part in an interaction between youth and the Minister of Interior – Mr. Fernando Carrillo, where young participants will ask questions about peace and youth contribution to the Minister of Interior.
During his visit, Mr. Alhendawi also met with the Representatives of UN Agencies in Bogota and the Minister of Interior, Colombia Joven Director Gabriel Jaime Gómez Arbelaez, as well as the Mayor of Neiva Pedro Suárez Trujillo. He also joined a round-table discussion with young people organized by the UN Information Center in Colombia.