“Join our campaign for peace, human rights and environmental sustainability. Let us, together, create a movement … a movement for change, a movement of all nations and all people, united, to advance the great causes of our day.”
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon 2011


The Department of Public Information sees young people as a critical group in its work with non-governmental organizations. We encourage young people already involved with a DPI associated NGO to become their organization’s Youth Representative at the United Nations.

Become a Youth Representative

Are you 18-32 years old?
Do you belong to an NGO associated with DPI?
Do you want to help make positive social changes – in your community, in your country and in the world?
Would you like to gain experience to help reach your education and career goals?

Encourage youth participation

Are you a current NGO that would like to get more youth involved in your cause?
Would you like to learn how to better support and encourage your current youth representatives?

How to get involved

If you are interested in serving as a youth representative of a DPI associated NGO, contact the head of your organization who will need to nominate you. Each DPI-NGO associated organization is allowed 2 youth representatives annually.

Some of the benefits and activities include

  • A yearly UN Grounds Pass which allows access to the UN Headquarters, in New York.
  • A one-day Orientation Programme for DPI/NGO Youth Representatives
  • Access to documents promoting youth activities at the DPI/NGO Resource Centre
  • Access to youth-related public information events at the UN
  • Participation in the weekly Thursday Briefings
  • The opportunity to be a youth panellist at the weekly Thursday Briefings
  • Active involvement in two bi-annual Communications Workshops
  • Membership in the Youth Subcommittee as part of the Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference Planning Committee
  • The chance to be a youth speaker at the Closing session of the Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference
  • The opportunity to participate in social media coverage of the Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference
  • Involvement in establishing a youth blog by and for youth
  • Organizing and promoting NGO youth events publicising issues and campaigns on the UN agenda using both traditional and new media
  • Providing opportunities for intergenerational cooperation and collaboration
  • Cooperating with UN programmes such as the UN Volunteers