Algerian Muslim Scouts * Elmanar *, Algeria


Project works to strengthen the spirit of environmental citizenship among students while working to give the successful models in environmental clubs in schools in order to disseminate in all schools of Algeria.

Plastics for pillows and teaching tools, Cameroon

2 (1)Plastics littering has been reduced in or nearby our campus through the action of ozone club members and non students. They sensitised the school to make plastics collection drums. These plastics are collected, cut into pieces as fillers for pillows, mattresses and cushions. The harder plastics are cut into 3cm x 3cm squares and used to make educative games for teachers and students, such as the PERIODIC TABLE GAME. The reduction of plastics littering has gone a long way to reduce breeding grounds for mosquitoes parasites. Presently both urban and village settlers have endorsed our actions.

Direct Drive, Evironment Friendly Vehicle, Tanzania

3 (1)Recently human beings use the vehicle which requires petrol products to be operated for transport and this definitely pollutes our environment by emitting poisonous gasses such as Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide, etc….. In this research we designed a vehicle which has clean technology that gives minimum harm to environment, uses energy efficiently and also conserves energy.We work 1 year on this project.We have been working on this project almost 1 year