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Wash and return of pesticide packaging, Brazil

The project aims to advise small farmers on the procedures for washing and returning pesticide packaging. Within two years we could observe a big amount of packaging thrown on the ground and mainly in the river Suzana, near the place where we develop the scouting activities. We have also observed the death of fish in this area. Besides, the contamination can be harmful to people because this river supplies two small cities with water. During the last months we have organized specific courses to teach the correct wash of packaging and the suitable use of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).


Group of people holding a dolphin

Haiti Ocean Project, Haiti

The Haiti Ocean Project was initiated five years ago for the purpose of protecting the vulnerable marine mammals and marine life that are valuable to Haiti’s marine environment and sustainable tourism development. Many organizations and the Haitian government are trying to solve Haiti’s environmental problems on land: deforestation, almost non-existence of land mammals and contamination of freshwater lakes. For Haiti to sustain long-term environmental success, the only hope is protecting marine waters and its marine inhabitants. Marine mammals and other valuable marine life are abundant in Haitian waters, yet the country never put a priority on these species.


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Resiclando en el Taller de Santa Scout, Guatemala

The project is based on the development of toys in 1000 and used, such as cans, bottles of soft drink, toilet facilities, newspaper, bottle caps, white glue and crayons, with these elements will shape variety of toys like, Cars, Spacecraft, Aircraft, dolls, pencil holder, alcasillas, flowers, among others. Using wit and fine motor skills to create attractive toys, durable and deliver the end of the year in rural areas where if they can appreciate because they need to distract yourself while you are away and largely forgotten by the people.