Californian worms, Macedonia

7 (1)The production of healthy food requires great amount of organic fertilizer,which with the current development of the stock-breeding and the needs for vegetal production’s impossible to supply. On the other hand,faced with the enormous amount of organic waste(for example the tree leaves,which desolve in the parks)we asked ourselves ”can these potencial polluters of the environment be used for the benefit of the people”? Our research has led us to the Californian worms,whose breeding isn’t only a step forward in the production of healthy food but at the same time is an impact on the protection of the environment.

Don’t spill, don’t make dirty the future, Turkey

8 (1)Our goal in this project is to prevent possible harm to the environment of waste oils. We organized great seminars around the city by supports of the department of Education in the district authority of the Government and Provincial Directorate of Environment. We organized a theatrical show.In addition local newspapers news about our projects seminars published and all the people of the region were informed that we have done.Currently 1% of the waste oil is collected in our country. After 10 years from now we have initiated a project to contribute to the goal to see the waste oil is collected in 90% by our project to prevent an environmental disaster.

Endangered animals saved by healthy/ethical eating, United Kingdom

9 (1)Corgreen is a group of three teenage girls who are passionate about developing a new social enterprise model. They have already raised £320 and their vision is to bring about change for good. To do this they have allied themselves with the Fair Trade organisation. They use a recycled brown paper bag which they fill with Fair Trade, nutritious snacks and information on the products. They want to tackle the unhealthy eating habits of their peers, encourage ethical purchasing but most importantly their profits will be used to adopt endangered animals. They aim to adopt fifteen in their first year.