Has your organisation implemented a successful programme to support youth access to decent employment? Do you think others can learn from your programme?
Share your good practices on youth employment with International Labour Organization (ILO) before 16 September, for a chance of seeing your practice recognized and widely disseminated.
All applications will be assessed based on 6 specific criteria: (i) relevance, (ii) effectiveness and impact, (iii) efficiency, (iv) sustainability, (iv) innovation, and (v) replicability.

An evaluation committee composed of experts and young specialists on youth employment will identify the good practices from the programmes submitted. The best good practices will receive prizes!

The final deadline to submit proposals is in 16 September 2013.

Some prizes are also in store:
Top prize per region: 2000 USD + an online publication + a one-on-one interview with a youth employment expert. Three best practices will be featured in an MTV Agents of Change video.

For more information visit: www.youthpractices.org 
For practical information on the submission process, visit:www.youthpractices.org/convocatoria.php