Cakau Bula – Our Living Reef – Our heritage, Fiji

Kia Island is situated on the Great Sea Reef in Fiji; the third largest barrier reef system in the world. Increasing fishing pressure is damaging the marine ecosystem and resulting in lower catch, which has serious implications for the community’s livelihoods. The Reef Ranger’s programme, which began in 2011, was developed to empower and educate the community, in particular the youth, about marine ecology and threats facing the natural resources they rely upon. Following lessons run by Community Centred Conservation (C3) in the island’s school, the Reef Rangers are implementing conservation and awareness-raising activities across Kia.

Biogas Energy and proper use of Food waste, India

5 (1)This project is about environment friendly utilisation of food waste for energy ( Biogas) and fertilizer in urban areas in decentralised way. At the same time it helps in environfriendly disposal of biodegradable components of Municipal Solid Waste.We have chosen this problem because of improper disposal, handling, transportation of it for long distances and large scale dumping in most of the urban areas in developing countries. We have been working on this project for more than a year.

SHINE-Forests, Indonesia

6 (1)SHINE-Forests is making prolonged conservation management to avoid scarcity of biodiversity. We have worked for 2 years because population especially in Indonesia increases rapidly, until become the world forth largest country of population. People need more resources to fulfill their lives. On other hands, Indonesia was stated as the second country with high deforestation after Brazil. Therefore, we made several contacts with government to share ideas and got their support for campaigning Trees for Life from schools in certain radius area to develop them becoming city forests. We believe this conservation gives positive impacts for environment and social life.