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ECOSOC Agreed Conclusions 1997/2

"The role of gender units and focal points in gender mainstreaming

"The location, seniority level, resources and participation of gender units/focal points in all policy?making and programming processes and support at the most senior management and decision?making levels are also crucial in translating the gender mainstreaming mandate into practical reality. The role of such gender specialists in all areas, including the economic and social fields, human rights and the political, humanitarian, peace and security areas, should be strengthened.

"The responsibilities of gender units and focal points should include:

"(a) Support for the development of gender?sensitive policies and programme strategies;

"(b) Advice and support of staff in applying a gender perspective, in particular in the follow?up to United Nations conferences;

"(c) Development of tools and methodologies for gender mainstreaming;

"(d) Collection and dissemination of information on gender issues and on best practices;

"(e) Assistance in monitoring and evaluating progress in gender mainstreaming in policy, programme and budgetary terms.

Outcome document of the Twenty-third special session of the General Assembly, June 2000 (A/S-23/10/Rev1)

85(a) Continue to implement and evaluate and follow up the mandated work of the United agencies, drawing on the full range of expertise available within the United Nations system, as well as agreed conclusions of the Economic and Social Council and other programmes and initiatives, to mainstream a gender perspective into all policies, programmes and planning of the United Nations system, including through the integrated and co-ordinated follow-up to all major United Nations conferences and summits, as well as to ensure the allocation of sufficient resources and maintenance of gender units and focal points to achieve this end;


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