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Directory of UN Resources on Gender and Women's Issues

  • Sustainable Energy for All: the gender dimensions
    www.unido.org ] Languages:  English 
    This Guidance Note provides a brief overview of issues related to gender equality, women's empowerment and sustainable energy. Prepared specifically for the regional and country offices of UN Women and UNIDO, the Note aims to provide guidance for UN programming and work with policy makers around sustainable energy that integrates the gender dimensions. The Note can help strengthen collaboration with national and regional partners, as well as members of UN Country Teams, and promote South-South exchange of experiences in generating and supplying sustainable energy for all women and men, girls and boys. UNIDO, UN Women 2013.

  • Leading Resilient Development - Grassroots Practices & Innovations
    www.undp.org ] Languages:  English 
    This publication provides evidence from various sectors and regions on how women's equal access and control over resources not only improves the lives of individuals, families and nations, but also helps ensure the sustainability of the environment. UNDP 2012.

  • Leading Resilient Development - Grassroots Practices & Innovations
    www.undp.org ] Languages:  English 
    This publication presents a set of grassroots women’s development innovations that build community resilience. The women’s groups and collectives described in this publication are grassroots women’s groups, whose survival and everyday lives are directly affected by natural hazards and climate change. UNDP, 2011

  • Gender, Climate Change and Community-based Adaptation
    www.undp.org ] Languages:  English 
    This guidebook seeks to ensure that Community-based Adaptation (CBA) projects contribute to the achievement of gender equality and women’s empowerment by integrating a gendered perspective into programming and project design. UNDP

  • UNEP: Gender and the Environment
    www.unep.org ] Languages:  English 
    UNEP is working to highlight the important role that women play in sustainable development. UNEP recognizes gender as a cross-cutting priority, and its programme of work promotes women’s participation in all environmental protection and sustainable development activities. UNEP

  • UNEP Annual Report 2005 (UN Environment Program): Gender Equality is Key for the Environment
    www.unep.org ] Languages:  English | French | Spanish 
    Gender equality is now a cross-cutting priority in all UNEP activities, and the organization is systematically integrating gender perspectives into all its programme design and implementation, along with measurable goals and indicators.

  • Cities, the Environment and Gender Relations (UNESCO-MOST network): An evaluation of eight years of work on the project, 2005.
    portal.unesco.org ] Languages:  English | French 
    Gender sensitive strategies for managing critical urban environments in West Africa, Latin America, and in Eastern Europe...

  • Online Discussion: Women and the Environment
    www.un.org ] Languages:  English 
    From October 2004 to January 2005, WomenWatch hosted a series of online discussions on the Platform's critical areas of concern and other important issues to provide input into the review and appraisal of the Bejing Declaration and Platform for Action. All postings and background notes are available for reading as archived online discussion.

  • UNIDO: Women, Industry and Environment
    www.unido.org ] Languages:  English 
    This publication provides five examples how women are adversely affected by environmental issues associated with a combination of poverty and industrialization, and how they can be helped

  • "Environmental management and the mitigation of natural disasters: a gender perspective"
    www.un.org ] Languages:  English 
    Information on an Expert Group Meeting organized by DAW in collaboration with the Secretariat for the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR), 6 - 9 November 2001

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