Building UN Websites

The Web Services Section of the Department of Public Information has created this website for UN web developers, to give them information on how to build multilingual websites that meet the design and usability requirements of the Organization. The Web Services Section (WSS) created the UN's main website at using these same standards. WSS manages and coordinates the content of the Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish versions of the United Nations website, and ensures that all newly created sites are accessible to disabled persons. It also updates content on major parts of and creates web pages and websites for priority themes and events, as well as international conferences and commemorative dates. It manages the web presence for the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council and also provides guidance and assistance to UN Secretariat offices in creating and enhancing their websites in all six official UN languages. Check out the following topics to learn more about the work of WSS.

Building websites

We plan, build, test, launch, and maintain United Nations websites following the highest standards of web creation. We also brand our websites and give them a consistent look and feel.

Ensuring Accessibility

In order to make information available to the widest range of audiences, we actively ensure that United Nations websites are accessible for persons with disabilities.

UN Web Governance

The Web Services Section plays a key role in DPI's mission of promoting global awareness and understanding of the work of the UN through the design, development and presentation of the United Nations website.