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radicating extreme poverty and hunger is the first of eight Millennium Development GoalsMillennium Development Goals (Goal One)
Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger is the first of eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Clowns Without Borders Clowns Without Borders
One of South Sudan's main prisons opened its gates to laughter this week by welcoming a troupe of clowns as a way of helping convicts with their healing process. This rare show, by three clowns who have been traveling the world, left many of the juvenile convicts at the Juba Central Prison amused and with a lighter heart.

Irena's Vow on BroadwayIrena's Vow on Broadway
Earlier this year, Irena's Vow a play currently on Broadway had a stage reading for diplomats at UNHQ-NY. We speak the celebrated writer of the production, Dan Gordon.

Japan's Success With Life Japan's Success With Life
In Toyko scientist's are studying how people here live longer than any other country in the world.

What you do today, can change the world tomorrow. Do you have the will to make the world a better place?

German Year in ReviewUNICEF, IKEA and Vietnam
UNICEF helps school Vietnamese children learn basic life skills so that they will not drop out of school in a new program sponsored by IKEA.

German Year in ReviewGerman Year in Review
A look back at 2008 in this German translation of the United Nations Year in Review

Iraq's RefugeesIraq's Refugees
Nearly 1.8 million Iraqis have had their lives uprooted due to unsuitability in the region. This group of refugees live in what has become a shanty town and are looking for solutions for a better life.

World Autism DayWorld Autism Day
Autism is a complex neurobiological disorder that can last throughout a person's lifetime. On April 2, the United Nations observes World Autism Day to galvanize international effort to promote greater understanding about autism.

Football Match Spurs StampedeFootball Match Spurs Stampede
Cote d' Ivoire is overcoming crisis since rebellion. Football is helping locals ease memories of the past. Recently, a stampede killed 20 and 130 others were injured at the Felix Houphouet-Boigny stadium during a match between the Ivorian team and Malawi.

South Sudan RefugeesSouth Sudan Refugees
Awaj Boyoy was at her home when Lou Nuer gunman attacked her community and killed her husband in front of her children. Stories like Awaj's are common as thousands of displaced people are living in this camp in Pibor County in South Sudan.

Uniting Haitian Children Through CapoeiraUniting Haitian Children Through Capoeira
A project called "Drums for Peace" administrated by the Brazilian NGO Via Rio is uniting children involved in gangs through the martial art of Capoeria. In May 2007, Viva Rio negotiated peace accords between 11 gangs. For every month of peace, Viva Rio awards scholarships for three children in the territory to learn Capoeria.

Congo Violence and the DisplacedCongo Violence and the Displaced
As violence between Congolese and Rwandan troops has stopped, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Hilde Johnson visits the region. Years of fighting has forced many civilians into IDP camps. Johnson says that while she has been to many camps for displaced people during her life, she has never seen anything like this camp in Rutshuru. Johnson leaves the area optimistic but admits its too soon to tell if peace will hold.

Liberia CaterpillarsLiberia Caterpillars
A recent caterpillar infestation in Liberia has caused alarm. The caterpillars are being blamed for damage to crops and polluted drinking water causing villagers to flee their homes.

Islam and AidsSudan, Islam and HIV/AIDS
In Sudan and Islam, HIV/AIDS is an unspoken taboo. With efforts from the UN, HIV/AIDS education is starting to be embraced in Sudan and its predominate religion.

Words of the WorldWords of the World
Love, war, acceptance and education are just some of the words being spoken today.

Kenya Sex WorkersKenya Sex Workers
With tourism being one of Kenya's leading sources of income, UNICEF and its partners look to eliminate child prostitution and give young girls a chance at another life.

Your Power To Change The WorldYour Power To Change The World
Now, more than ever, people look for solutions to the world's turbulent times. However, you may need to look within yourself, as solutions may not be as far of as you think.

The World's Young GirlsThe World's Young Girls
A new program is giving young girls in the developing world life skills so that they can be better equipped to start their own businesses and be competitive in the global work force. The aim is to give girls everywhere better choices for a better life.

Haiti JailsHaiti Jails
Nearly 300 people are behind bars in Gonaives - but they are not in prison. They are in small holding cells built for just 75 people at the police station.

Leprosy in SudanLeprosy in Sudan
Leprosy is an ancient almost forgotten condition. In Sudan, leprosy still exists. Residents of this leprosy camp say the government may take over the camp, leaving them looking for a new place to live.

The joint UN/AU mission in Darfur is the first ever of its kind. Rising insecurity in IDP camps is causing alarm. UN patrols try their best to improve security in this camp of 75,000 people.

Sudan ScavengersSudan Scavengers
Today in Sudan, some children sift through trash in search of their next meal.

Bangladesh BiscuitsBangladesh Biscuits
In Bangladesh, rats have caused major problems for farmers with over 90% of crops being decimated by the rodents. Now UNICEF distributes nutritional biscuits to help keep villagers healthy.

Haitian Voodoo FestivalHaitian Voodoo Festival
Thousands of pilgrims come to Haiti to celebrate the festival of Saint Jacques. Catholics mingle with Voodoo practitioners while others have made the festival a profitable business opportunity.

India Food CrisisIndia Food Crisis
Eliminating the middle man in Inida now allows farmers to make larger profits on rice crops.

Medica Mumba and HaitiMedica Mumba and Haiti
In Haiti, children now have hope in the face of a food crisis with Medica Mumba.