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Sanjay Banka
Banka BioLoo Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, India

"Water and sanitation have come a long way, both for India as well as the world. The WASH sector has attracted a lot of attention from multilateral agencies, intergovernmental organizations, donors and funders. At the same time, there has been a great thrust on WASH being provided and promoted on a sustainable basis, through the private sector. Our organization has taken up cudgels for providing and promoting sustainable sanitation through eco-friendly bio-toilets. The organization has grown multi-fold and serves a wider user-base as well has increased the geographic outreach.

Deeply committed to providing affordable and sustainable sanitation, our hope and ambitions are high. Today, the government of the country, as well as bodies such as the UN and its umbrella, The World Bank, and the developed world is supportive of providing safe water and improved sanitation. We are sure that in the years to come, these efforts will bear fruit and the impoverished will have these basic amenities. Our organisation is working in that direction.

Toilets were not something that hit the headlines. A few years ago, we installed the eco-friendly bio-toilets (our first pilot project) that were inaugurated by an Indian minister. We were effective in bringing the “toilet” onto the national agenda and there were projects sanctioned. Our organization cajoled members of the society, and the institutions, on the need for effective sanitation – not only the toilet infrastructure but also the waste treatment. We have been a part of the journey wherein toilets entered the drawing room discourse. "

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