International Annual UN-Water Zaragoza Conference 2012/2013
Preparing for the 2013 International Year. Water Cooperation: Making it Happen! 8-10 January 2013

Interview questions for case study presenters

The interviews that the session facilitators will conduct with the case study presenters will be based on the following format:

  1. Short summary of the case (the context, the reason of the conflict, the interests of the various actors)

  2. The process of cooperation:

    • How did the cooperation start?
    • How was it organized?
      • What approaches were used
      • Which tools were mobilized
    • How was cooperation maintained over time?
  3. The results of the cooperation process

  4. Table of lessons learnt
    • The added value of the institution or group of actors in the cooperation process
    • Assessment of approach and tools used (what would you have done differently?)
    • What were the key success factors?