2014 UN-Water Annual International Zaragoza Conference. Preparing for World Water Day 2014: Partnerships for improving water and energy access, efficiency and sustainability. 13-16 January 2014

Technical visit: Valdespartera Eco-City and Sustainable Town Planning Center organised by the Municipality of Zaragoza

Date: 16 January 2014
Location: Valdepartera with transport organized from the Ebro River Basin by the Municipality of Zaragoza

To register for the technical visits please contact Mónica Garcés.

10:00 pickup at the Ebro River Basin Confederation, Zaragoza, Spain
10:30-11:30 Tour
12:00 Arrival at the Ebro River Basin Confederation, Zaragoza, (or Hotels/Train Station)


The design of the new neighborhood of Valdespartera fully meets sustainable development criteria including:Bioclimatic architecture: dependence on non-renewable resources is reduced and commitment to alternative energy. The orientation of buildings to promote solar gain: interposition between buildings sufficient distances in relation to its height. There are water saving across the sector: on the one hand and about the buildings, fixtures of dwellings must have some means of reducing the flow of water on the other, and with respect to public areas provides for the existence of ponds and sheet water collected rainwater through a separate circuit for watering gardens. The Sustainable Town Planning Centre (CUS in Spanish), shows the sustainability measures executed in the Valdespartera Eco-City .

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