2014 UN-Water Annual International Zaragoza Conference. Preparing for World Water Day 2014: Partnerships for improving water and energy access, efficiency and sustainability. 13-16 January 2014

Case study: Reduce water-related impacts in arid countries (Morocco and South-Africa)

By Mr. Pol Adarve, Abengoa


Abengoa applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, generating electricity from renewable resources, converting biomass into biofuels and producing drinking water from sea water.

Abengoa’s business is structured around three activities: engineering and construction, concession-type infrastructures and industrial production. Climate change is a reality, and in Abengoa we are therefore committed to finding solutions and putting them into practice. Our growth model is based on technological leadership: R&D+i enables us to create value through our products and processes, or to improve existing ones, giving us a competitive advantage.

The growing international demand for energy and water means it is important to come up with new solutions in this field, prioritizing those that use clean and inexhaustible sources. Water & Energy Nexus case studies are some examples of unique projects delivered in the water and energy sectors.

The case studies presented include Ain Beni Mathar Integrated Solar-Combined Cycle, with a total capacity of 470 MW, developed in Morocco and Khi Solar One, a Concentrated Solar Power plant of 50 MW currently under construction in South Africa that uses tower technology.