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Case study: UNIDO partnership with Carlsberg/Baltika Breweries’ comprehensive investment programme

By Mr. Christian Susan, Industrial Development Officer at UNIDO and Mr. Wouter de Groot, CSR and Risk Manager at Carlsberg Supply Company


In 2012, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) entered into a partnership with the Carlsberg Group and its subsidiary Baltika Breweries to undertake a project which aims to reduce natural resource consumption, pollution and green house gas emissions (GHG), while also improving the agro-ecosystem and water systems in the Russian Federation with the support of the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

Through this partnership, UNIDO can support and strengthen these environmental efforts by developing and sharing international industry-related knowledge and providing technical expertise. By working with UNIDO, Baltika and the Carlsberg Group will have an opportunity to further strengthen one of their core values of engaging with society through dedicated community activities focused at improving the environment and implementing sustainable practices in agro-projects. The partners will also contribute to the Russian Federation’s ongoing efforts of ensuring environmental sustainability

Some main activities undertaken by the partnerships includes; life-cycle assessment methodology developed to measure environmental footprint of breweries and suppliers from cradle to grave and developing regional, national and international policies and policy instruments for the mainstreaming of resource efficient cleaner production principles.